3D- Three Dimensional Skin Rejuvenation.

This innovative treatment covers the three layers of the skin; Epidermis, Superficial Dermis and Deep Dermis. It addresses several problems at the same time. From the deeper layers; sagginess and loose skin, from the middle layer of the skin; wrinkles, acne and open pores and from the superficial layer; age and sun spots, superficial wrinkles and uneven texture. The 3-D approach is the most innovative and complete treatment we offer. Each treatment takes about 2 hours, there is no associated discomfort, there is no down time and the results are seen immediately with cumulative effects observed during one month. Three treatments are required spaced once a month. The three-dimensional skin rejuvenation offers the possibility to regain youth and a healthy glowing skin without surgery or down time. Results are permanent requiring a touch up once per year.