Sun Damage, Precancerous lesions, Actinic Keratosis and Superficial Skin Cancer

These conditions result after years of sun exposure. They present as red and scaly lesions on the face, scalp, hands, neck, ears, chest, arms, legs and back. Actinic keratosis are considered pre-cancerous lesions since they can advance to become squamous cell carcinoma. At Skin Diagnostics Laser & Rejuvenation several treatment options are offered to treat actinic keratosis, superficial carcinomas and photoaging. Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan® is the best treatment for extensive actinic keratosis. Other treatments options include topical medications like Carac®, Aldara, microlaser peel, skin resurfacing IPL or skin biopsies. Along with the medical and laser treatments we offer our own skin care line to protect your skin and enhance the results of the treatments and perpetuate them. Dr Porras along with the nurse and esthetician will advise you on choosing the right skin care products.