Also known as acne rosacea, this is a condition that today affects an estimated one in twenty Americans. It begins as transient redness of the cheeks (rosy cheeks), nose and forehead. Small vessels called telangectasias start to appear. As the disease progresses the redness becomes permanent, the vessels enlarged and bumps, pimples and swelling often develop making rosacea a devastating psychological problem. Rosacea can also affect your eyes making them red and dry. It also affects the nose making it large and bulbous (Rinophyma) Our practice offers medical and laser treatments for this bothersome and common condition. Laser vein removal is done to treat telangectasias (blood vessels on the face). Genesis is one of our best laser treatments to control Rosacea; it decreases redness, pore size, bumps and pimples. Three to Five treatments are recommended depending on the severity of the disease. A follow up treatment is recommended once a year to keep Rosacea under control. We also have a Rosacea line in our medical skin care to maintain Rosacea under control.