Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan®

This is a 2-part process that uses both the Levulan® (Amino Levulinic acid) topical solution and Intense pulse light (IPL).  This procedure can be used to treat ACTINIC KERATOSIS, SUN DAMAGE, and SEVER ACNE that has not responded to conventional treatments.  Levulan® is first incubated on the skin for 45-60 minutes and then IPL is then done.  The treatment is associated only with minimal discomfort.  After the treatment patients experience some temporary redness and minimal swelling and peeling. When used to treat acne immediate improvement of lesions is apparent. Most patients require three treatments. It is recommended to have a maintenance treatment once per year to keep acne under control.  When used for actinic keratosis also three treatments are required.  Levulan reverts sun damage and helps to diminish superficial wrinkles.