Melasma (Brown Spots)

Melasma is brown spots on the face (cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin). This pigmentary skin disorder is darkening of the skin caused by excessive production of melanin. Melasma is a common skin condition; about 6 million women are estimated to have this pigmentary problem. Sun exposure, Genetics and hormonal factors are associated with this skin disorder. Fortunately you don’t have to live with Melasma. Skin Diagnostics Laser & Rejuvenation offers very effective medical and laser treatments to fade away Melasma. Dr. Porras has extensive experience treating this pigmentary disorder. Along with the medical and laser treatments we offer our own professional skin care line Tranformation Skin MD by Dr. Porras. Our sun blocks and lightening creams enhance the results of the treatments and perpetuate them. Dr Porras along with the nurse and esthetician will advise you on choosing the right skin care products.