Lipomassage by Endermologie®

This technology although new in the USA has been in Europe for more than 20 years. Lipomassage is done with Endermologie equipment that uses rollers and vacuum to stimulate circulation, lymphatic drainage, connective tissue and lipolysis.  Lipomassage is the only FDA approved treatment for cellulite that produces amazing results.  This treatment is relaxing and non-invasive.  If after diet and exercise you still have cellulite, Endermologie is the only treatment that can get cellulite under control. Endermologie is also an excellent treatment to mold your figure.  Along with diet and exercise lipomassage can give you the body you always wanted. Endermologie is also used after liposuction to make the contours more even and get rid of lumpiness left after surgery.  A series of 10 treatments are recommended done twice per week, each treatment takes 30-35 minutes.  Results are seen after the fourth or fifth treatment.  Maintenance treatments are recommended once or twice a month.  Endermologie is an affordable, non- invasive and fast way to mold your figure and control cellulite.