Laser Removal of Vascular Lesions

Patients with disfiguring vascular lesions who had given up on finding a solution have been overwhelmed by the success of our laser treatments. Skin Diagnostics Laser and Rejuvenation offers the newest laser technology to safely and effectively treat all types of vascular lesions in children and adults on the face and body. Our lasers deliver pulses of energy which causes the blood within the lesions to coagulate eventually destroying the entire lesion which is later reabsorbed by the body. We can treat patients of all skin tones. Usually with just one treatment considerable improvement is seen but more that one treatment may be required depending on the size and type of vascular lesion. The treatments are associated only with a very mild discomfort, just a stinging sensation. Following your treatment some redness and bruising may occur. The use of sun block is recommended on any treated areas. Our physician, Dr Porras, will advice you on the number of treatments required for you.