Botox®, Xeomin and Dysport

This is a highly effective treatment for the temporary reduction of moderate to severe active lines and wrinkles that form when frowning or smiling. It works by decreasing the muscle contraction that is causing the wrinkles and lines, relaxing your face and neck but allowing you to express yourself freely. Botox® Xeomin and Dysport are quick, effective and safe to prevent wrinkles in younger individuals and to decrease the ones already formed in older patients. They retrain the facial muscles giving a younger and relaxed look. The treatments are done with an extra thin needle and only associated with very mild discomfort. You will only need 15 minutes to have your treatment. Results start 3 days after the treatment and are optimal 5-7 days after the procedure is done, lasting from 3-5 months depending on the individual. There are no side effects associated with this treatment. Doctor Porras has more than 12 years of experience with this kind of treatment. Smooth away your wrinkles and look relaxed with Botox® Xeomin and Dysport Please stop blood thinners 1 week before doing this treatment to prevent bruising..