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On A QuestFor Perfect Skin at any Age
50 is the new 30
The Balancing Act of Life
Reflecting a Face of Confidence
Don’t Let Your Rosacea Keep You in the Dark
Celebrating Summer the Spanish Way
Be Proactive, Take Precaution, & Diminish Melanoma
Saving Beauty

Listed below are some of the articles that Dr. Porras has written.

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Finding Your Inner Harmony - Cincinnati Woman Magazine
Skin Cancer: the Good and the Bad
Trim the Fat
Continuation of Trim the Fat
A Younger, Slimmer, Healthier You Without Surgery
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Part 1
Cosmetic Proceedures and Pricing
Don't Hide Behind the Scars-Get Help and Look Better
Is Your Face Red? An Innocent Blush or Rosacea
Vitamins and the Skin:Learn the Tricks
A Brown Mask on Your Face? It's Not Halloween Yet.You May Have Melasma
Good-Bye, Summer. Hello, Sun Damage! Skin Survival Tips for Healthy, Younger-looking Skin.
Quick and Easy Fixes to Look Fabulous for the Holidays
Resolve to Make Healthy and Youthful Skin Yours in 2007
Skin Dry and Itchy? What to do? Winterizing Dry,Itchy Skin
SEXY. What is Considered Sexy in 2007?
What Is Your Facial Skin Type? Find Out Today!
How to Look Ten Years YoungerWithout Surgery
Having It All with Dr. Beatriz H. Porras,
Medical Director of Skin Diagnostics, Inc.
My Face is Turning Red. What Should I Do?
Learn to Be Sun Smart and Still Look Great
Acne Beyond the Teenage Years: Learning to Treat Adult Acne.
Summer Dreams, Sun Damage Nightmares. What Should You Do?
Hiding Behind a Brown Mask?
Learning to Treat Melasma
Aging Should Bring Wisdom, Not Wrinkles.
Part I: Using Botox® and Dermal Fillers.
Aging Should Bring Wisdom, Not Wrinkles
Part II: Using Lasers and Lights
Make a Realistic Resolution for 2008: Achieving Radiant Skin
Can Stress Affect the Skin?
Permanent Cosmetics - Wake Up Looking Great Everyday!
Cellulite — Are You Stuck With It?
Skin Cancer: The Good and the Bad
Learn the Facts
Summer Is Here — Getting Swimsuit Ready
My Face is Turning Red.What Should I Do?
Is Acne the Nightmare of Your Life?
Treating Teenage and Adult Acne